Traditional East Asian Superfood Tea

Our ready-to-drink herbal teas give you the health benefits of East Asian superfoods. Light and refreshing, you can enjoy them on the go or at home.

Real Ingredients:

Our products are made with the highest quality whole herbs, never with extracts or “natural flavors”. There are also no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. There are over 11,000 plant-based East Asian herbs that we want to introduce to the Western market.

We source ingredients from what we found to be the highest quality Asian herb distributor in the United States. All of our herbs are organic or pesticide free and none contain sulfur as preservatives. Our ingredient supplier tests every batch for quality evaluations, rigorous testing, and correct species. The herbs are all grown on small farms throughout China and Taiwan and imported in bulk to the United States which passes FDA import tests for more than 400 pesticide residues. We trust our suppliers to deliver us ingredients that are safe for consumption and safe for the environment and those who make them.