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The Jujube, also known as Red Date, has traditionally been consumed for better sleep and stress relief. The Jujube’s lightly sweet and bold flavor will remind your tastebuds of a crisp apple. With 20x the vitamin C content as citrus fruits, your immune system will thank you. 


The Hawthorn Berry has been traditionally consumed for heart health and to aid digestion. This small but mighty tart red fruit resembles a cranberry in look and taste. Think of the Hawthorn Berry as a happy shot for the heart - improving circulation and revitalizing you from the inside out.


The Chrysanthemum Flower has been traditionally consumed for its calming effects and detoxifying properties. Consider it the Chamomile’s cooler cousin, with similar floral, aromatic notes and an ancestral track record of soothing the body and mind. 

Herbal Teas coming to you soon!

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When I drink this, it’s very homey and warming in terms of feeding my soul and my identity. I like how it has a very grounding effect on me. It tastes like childhood.

Gillian L, California

It tastes like home. I grew up in Northern China – Shandong.  My grandparents would make this kind of stuff at home. It's delicious and not overly sweet, which I love.

Yuan W, New York

It reminded me of herbal Chinese medicine except…better!  Not bitter at all, but instead a lot of the fruity flavors.  Reminds me of Asian fruit juices with far less sugar.

Julie C, Pennsylvania

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